photoluminescent exit signs

Nowadays, More and more countries have used photoluminescent exit signs for the safety signages. There are many advantages for it.
1) it is eco-friendly 2) it save green energy and get power from the sunshine 3) it can be used many years.

There are about 200,000,000 photoluminescent safety signs around the whole USA. and photoluminescent exit signs as the obligatory used in the traffic industry of Russia.

Here is the general question and answer when you need to buy photoluminescent safety exit signs .
1) is it by sheet or by roll
2) The general size by roll is (120 cm * 5000 cm ), by sheet ( 60*120)cm
3)about the print. Laserjet have a higher requirment for paper. So far, there is no Photoluminescent film suitable for this printer. We have focus on RD&Production Photoluminesent film since 2002, and haven’t seen it can printed by Laserjet.If you have the sample, Please send us for rerfernce, and We will try best to develop this kind Photoluminescent film for you.For indoor use, it is recommended to use water-based inkjet printing luminous film (applicable Printer model such as: EPSON-L805).
4) The price depends on one of the most factors is indensity. afterglow is 4-6 hours, 6-8 hours,8-10 hours have different quotation.
5) indoor use or outdoor use.
6) need retail package or not
7) if original sample offered, it will be more accurately.
8) the quantity of your order

Detail inforamtion from Photoluminescent exit signs Manufacturer. It provide a safe and non-radioactive signage option. Supply your facility with Seton’s long-lasting, durable glowing Exit Signs. Manufactured with light-absorbing, photoluminescent materials, our glow in the dark signs provide reliable visibility during an emergency. Our selections of photoluminescent exit signs are available in a variety of designs and messages.

Product Factory price photoluminescent sheeting film paper
MaterialAcrylic/ PET / PVC+PET
ColorGreen / Pink / Blue / Orange
Standard Size5CM X 45.7M / 1.24M X 45.7M / Customized
Material Grade2hrs / 4hrs / 6hrs / 8hrs / 10hrs
Suitable PrintingSilk- Scream printing / Digital InKjet printing
UsedSecurity Signs, Number Marks , Emergency exit signs , IMO Symbol, Stickers
Service Life1-3 Years  (Based on different Materials)

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