The duration of Photoluminescent Pigment

The brightness problem that concerns noctilucent pink often produces doubt in new client, manufacturer says clearly can bright 10 hours how half hour is invisible, associate Photoluminescent Pigment manufacturer to deceive people immediately, cause a few unnecessary misunderstanding.

The unit of brightness of luminescent materials is usually CD /m2(candela per square meter), while the brightness of Photoluminescent Pigment is generally MCD /m2(millicandela per square meter). If we look at the brightness of common light sources, we will understand.

It reaches 10,000 ~ 100,000 CD /m2 under the midday sun.

Generally, there are only 1000 ~ 5000cd/m2 indoor during the day.

However, our light at night usually ranges from 100 to 1000cd/m2.

The brightness requirement of the emergency lamp is greater than 50cd/m2.

New electroluminescent signage with brightness of only 20 ~ 100cd/m2,

The maximum brightness of our Photoluminescent signage made of Photoluminescent Pigment will not exceed 10cd/m2, and the maximum brightness will be 1 ~ 2cd/m2 after 2 minutes, and 0 after 1 hour. 060-0. 0990cd/m2, 0 after 10 hours. 006-0. 010 CD/m2.

Therefore, the brightness of noctilucent Pigment observed in the daytime is more than 1cd/m2 due to the presence of ambient light (even in a dark room, it will exceed 1cd/m2). However, our eyes feel very dark due to the strong contrast between the outdoor and indoor environment. When observed in this environment, noctilucent Pigment often fails to emit light within an hour or so. If you use a drawer or paper tube to avoid light observation, then more than 10 minutes can not see Photoluminescent Pigment glow.

So why does our noctilucent Pigment manufacturer say it can shine for 10 hours? The reason is that the light that human eyes can observe under the condition of total darkness is very weak 0. 00032cd/m2, and usually Photoluminescent Pigment brightness attenuation below this brightness can reach more than 10000 minutes, that is to say, can continue to shine for 10000 minutes (166. In theory, the human eye can still see.

In order to illustrate the brightness of Photoluminescent Pigment image, in the early promotion of long afterglow Photoluminescent Pigment, said to be able to shine for 8 hours 10 hours and so on, and usually can only continue to shine for less than an hour of zinc sulfide Photoluminescent Pigment distinguish. In order to accurately express and testing instruments, to popularize and apply now gradually replaced by the data for 1 hour, due to large unit of CD/m2, so Photoluminescent Pigment Powder usually adopts the MCD/m2 (candela per square meter), usually an hour brightness are between 10 ~ 100 MCD/m2, different level of granularity and the product brightness is different, because the brightness is higher, the greater the noctilucent Pigment particle size and large granularity using performance is bad, so under the condition of the same brightness, the smaller the particle size of product, the more high-grade, of course the price is more expensive, in order to save the cost of materials, Generally will be allowed in the process conditions to choose a thicker product to achieve a higher product brightness.

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