Photoluminescent Film makeup shine

KOL and live web stream on grand first Shanghai Photoluminescent Film tide lie prone, hundreds of people high over his first Shanghai Photoluminescent Film tide lie prone, hundreds of people high turn over all four distinct “small beast makeup”, boldly will have different personality on the makeup, they or independent self-confidence, or noble indifference, or mysterious charm, with the help of beauty makeup of magic, the release of urban women inner beast, completely show the other side of the wild, enchanting!

“Dare To Be EYECON — Max Buddha’s dazzling night party” was held at LUCE CLUB in Shanghai on July 22. As the first one-hundred-person fluorescent party in Shanghai, apart from the amazing release of “EYECON” makeup, Shanghai hipster can also experience the amazing “EYECON” makeup and luminescent Film makeup created by professional makeup stylist, so that color and Photoluminescent Film bloom in the eyes. Under the highest music brought by top DJS in Shanghai, party with all kinds of hipsters and release your true self! This time, Max factor has joined hands with tian hongyu, one of the most influential stylists In China, to bring the most eye makeup trend this summer. Tian hongyu is a celebrity stylist for ELLE, Harper’s bazaar, Vogue, COSMO, Marie Claire, deng chao and sun li. Inspired by classic EYECON such as luxury cheetah, noble bird dance, cool green snake and sexy fox, he cleverly combined beauty makeup charm with Photoluminescent Film elements to awaken urban women to release themselves and not fear the magic of beauty makeup.

4 distinct “small beast makeup”, bold ground will different individual character has change go up in makeup look, they or independent and self-confident, or high and cold, or mysterious and enchanting, with the help of the magic of beautiful makeup, release the beast of city female heart, show thoroughly wild, another side of enchanting!

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