The story of Photoluminescent Film cup

The Photoluminescent Film cup has a long history of more than 2,000 years. “China time-honored brand” jiuquan Photoluminescent Film cup is made of jade from qilian mountains, which is fine in texture, natural in texture and bright in color.

The picture shows the traditional Photoluminescent Film cup.

The legend of Photoluminescent Film cup is famous at home and abroad. In jiuquan, gansu province, under the qilian mountains, there is a “Chinese time-honored brand” Photoluminescent Film cup factory.

In the workshop, 57-year-old artist wei jianmin is polishing Photoluminescent Film cups. He has been working here for 40 years and has thick calluses on his hands. These rough hands are very handy when it comes to polishing a cup that is only 1mm thick.

‘conditions are better now,’ Mr. Wei said. But “some of the processes are still thousands of years old, so it still takes a week to make a glow-in-the-dark cup.” He picked up a “rag” made of a horse’s tail to clean a jade plate and told the paper, “only a cloth made of horse’s tail can be used to clean the waxed jade.”

“Making Photoluminescent Film cups is different from other jobs. You have to be slow and careful in the end.” Wei jianmin says, because the cup wall of finished product is less than 1 millimeter, do not pay attention to namely all previous work is abandoned slightly. Although the high-frequency motor is now used to save energy, but the cup wall produced is thinner, so it can not be distracted, “this is from the ancestors of generations of rules”. A cup from raw materials to finished products need at least more than 30 processes.

Wei says his biggest concern now is losing his craft. Today’s young people are reluctant to learn jade because it is so hard and dirty. Now he and master lu xuelian are the only old people in the factory. Master lu will retire after only one month, and he himself will soon retire. The entertainer said that if there were young people willing to pass on the ancient craft, he was willing to focus on passing it on.

Wei master and Photoluminescent Vinyl Film cup deal with all one’s life, he told the reporter, since ancient times, jade is a symbol of morality, people who deal with jade also have conduct. Do this line of bitter, treatment is not good, with his clever hands do other line of work income will be much higher, but because he grew up like Photoluminescent Film cup, a stem is a lifetime. Every summer, during the peak tourist season, many foreign tourists visit the factory and take photos with him excitedly. He said, the legendary Photoluminescent Film cup famous at home and abroad, bitter life is worth it, after retirement will continue to do Photoluminescent Film cup.

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