Trends USED Photoluminescent film in cabin interiors

Nowadays, almost no part of an airplane cabin is free of aesthetic design elements and the most economical manufacturing process.

Take the sign system of cabin emergency passage as an example: the traditional cabin floor is always a wide yellow sign that is not compatible with the cabin design, or the use of electronic lights, which is not only not beautiful, but also requires high maintenance costs and a lot of energy. Photoluminescent Film are now commonly used in cabin exit sign systems because they can be seamlessly incorporated into wide-color carpets and require little or no care, allowing airlines to beautify their cabins while keeping costs down.

Britain’s STG aerospace offers more than 300 colours for its Photoluminescent emergency access marking system, and Lufthansa technologies offers a multi-colour “guidance system” that can last as long as an aircraft. In addition, the economy of these two
Photoluminescent emergency exit sign is an important reason for the popularity of these products, as they can work day in and day out by shining the logo directly under a common light source for only 10-30 minutes before the flight takes off.

“The trend used Photoluminescent film inside the cabin is now towards an aesthetic, which is to make the whole flight easier.” “Said Peter Stokes, chief executive of STG aerospace.

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