Application of Photoluminescent Film in oil spill operation

In order to promote the coordinated development of national defense construction by Photoluminescent Film, local economy, military struggle preparation and environmental protection, at the end of last year, six experts including professor zhang ke from ocean university of China reviewed and approved by the navy logistics department decided to set up the Photoluminescent Film project in a military port in sanya.

Oil boom is installed on the naval vessels stationed in the military port, including 4,880 meters of solid float-type rubber oil boom, and 7 sets of stripping equipment and oil spill recovery devices.

The solid float-type rubber oil enclosure adopts two layers of high-strength fiber cloth as the framework, and is covered with high-quality, easy-to-identify Photoluminescent Film Signs or color synthetic rubber. It is resistant to oil, abrasion, seawater corrosion and ultraviolet aging, with long service life and flame retardant characteristics.

Solid float, large buoyancy reserve, uniform force on the column, high overall strength, good vertical stability, strong oil retention. Smooth and clean surface, good for oil transfer and easy to clean. Connection rapid, reliable and drop quickly, easy to operate, apply to the surface of fixed long-term cloth, are widely used in the open ocean, the gulf, port, wharf, river waters, oil platform and other long cloth, Photoluminescent Film Signs can also be used in oil spill emergency operations, is used for sea or other water to control oil spill diffusion and transfer of the necessary important equipment.

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