Reality version Photoluminescent Film wheel-less motorcycle

If you’re a fan of science fiction or motoring, you might be interested in one of the following: a superbike that replicates a ride from the sci-fi film tron: legacy and travels at 193 kilometers per hour.

The virtual motorcycle in the movie is designed by the most advanced CGI animation technology, and is controlled by computer programs and players. The real version, by Parker Brothers Choppers, is 2.4 meters long, 0.5 meters wide, weighs about 215 kilograms, can reach 193 kilometers per hour and costs 33,000 pounds.

A screenshot of tron: legacy shows a Photoluminescent Film motorcycle controlled by computer and human players.

The most amazing thing about this car is the hubless wheels, which are made from truck tires with electronic light belts around them. The steel frame of the car body is covered with glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) cover and equipped with shock absorbing springs in front and back. It should be noted that the rider has to maintain a near-horizontal posture when driving it, just like the rider in tron. The parkers claimed to have designed the car in just 30 minutes.

The car body, tire rims are equipped with electronic light belt.

In addition to its sleek appearance, the Photoluminescent Film motorcycle has a four-stroke suzuki 996CC jet engine, compared with a two-stroke engine on a regular motorcycle. An iPad port is designed on the body of the car. After connecting, the driving process status information can be downloaded from the on-board computer.

The car, which has a top speed of 120 miles per hour, can be ordered online. Park brothers spokesman trice Hammond said: “the bike has been fine-tuned and is now in every way consistent with the one in the film. It looks great, and if you ride it around the streets, it turns heads.

The duration of Photoluminescent Pigment

The brightness problem that concerns noctilucent pink often produces doubt in new client, manufacturer says clearly can bright 10 hours how half hour is invisible, associate Photoluminescent Pigment manufacturer to deceive people immediately, cause a few unnecessary misunderstanding.

The unit of brightness of luminescent materials is usually CD /m2(candela per square meter), while the brightness of Photoluminescent Pigment is generally MCD /m2(millicandela per square meter). If we look at the brightness of common light sources, we will understand.

It reaches 10,000 ~ 100,000 CD /m2 under the midday sun.

Generally, there are only 1000 ~ 5000cd/m2 indoor during the day.

However, our light at night usually ranges from 100 to 1000cd/m2.

The brightness requirement of the emergency lamp is greater than 50cd/m2.

New electroluminescent signage with brightness of only 20 ~ 100cd/m2,

The maximum brightness of our Photoluminescent signage made of Photoluminescent Pigment will not exceed 10cd/m2, and the maximum brightness will be 1 ~ 2cd/m2 after 2 minutes, and 0 after 1 hour. 060-0. 0990cd/m2, 0 after 10 hours. 006-0. 010 CD/m2.

Therefore, the brightness of noctilucent Pigment observed in the daytime is more than 1cd/m2 due to the presence of ambient light (even in a dark room, it will exceed 1cd/m2). However, our eyes feel very dark due to the strong contrast between the outdoor and indoor environment. When observed in this environment, noctilucent Pigment often fails to emit light within an hour or so. If you use a drawer or paper tube to avoid light observation, then more than 10 minutes can not see Photoluminescent Pigment glow.

So why does our noctilucent Pigment manufacturer say it can shine for 10 hours? The reason is that the light that human eyes can observe under the condition of total darkness is very weak 0. 00032cd/m2, and usually Photoluminescent Pigment brightness attenuation below this brightness can reach more than 10000 minutes, that is to say, can continue to shine for 10000 minutes (166. In theory, the human eye can still see.

In order to illustrate the brightness of Photoluminescent Pigment image, in the early promotion of long afterglow Photoluminescent Pigment, said to be able to shine for 8 hours 10 hours and so on, and usually can only continue to shine for less than an hour of zinc sulfide Photoluminescent Pigment distinguish. In order to accurately express and testing instruments, to popularize and apply now gradually replaced by the data for 1 hour, due to large unit of CD/m2, so Photoluminescent Pigment Powder usually adopts the MCD/m2 (candela per square meter), usually an hour brightness are between 10 ~ 100 MCD/m2, different level of granularity and the product brightness is different, because the brightness is higher, the greater the noctilucent Pigment particle size and large granularity using performance is bad, so under the condition of the same brightness, the smaller the particle size of product, the more high-grade, of course the price is more expensive, in order to save the cost of materials, Generally will be allowed in the process conditions to choose a thicker product to achieve a higher product brightness.

Ink printing for Photoluminescent film

Is a new generation of Photoluminescent film digital output material, high resolution can be directly printed photos. This product has been tested by the relevant departments of the state, and it is non-radioactive, non-toxic and harmless. It is the only green energy-saving high-tech product that can emit light at night and display its contents without consuming electricity.

After 5-15 minutes of visible light, the product can spontaneously light in the dark for 8-12 hours, and can be used repeatedly for a long time.

Scope of application

Can print and make Photoluminescent film, big head stickers, wedding photos, books and periodicals, decorative paintings, tags, CARDS, calendars, car stickers, fire signs, public welfare signs, zodiac, auspicious patterns and other personalized Photoluminescent film products, is a new advertising, computer consumables.

The performance characteristics of Luminescent vinyl film

  1. Short light storage time, large light receiving area, high Photoluminescent intensity and long afterglow time
  2. Easy cutting and wide use (can be directly used for printing and printing)

3, no radiation, no pollution

4, easy to fold and flip, easy to transport

5, environmental adaptability is stronger, has excellent heat resistant, cold resistant performance, can be applied to – 20 ~ 50 ℃ environment

6, the surface by light uniform, good finish

Use fixed number of year

Indoor 15 years above, outdoor 8 years above.

Directions for use

  1. This product is mainly used for printing. Please eat the paper into the printer before printing and keep the surface clean and dry.

2, printed photos or other pictures should be dry after the cold mounting film. (conditional in the oven to dry, the temperature control in 50 ℃ or so)

3, light storage before light. It has a strong Photoluminescent display effect, the daylight, light and all visible light has a strong light storage.

  1. Printing Settings: recommended for the best effect — photos, ink-jet slides and other functions for printing (the Settings of different models are different, please first print small pictures for testing to adjust to the best printing effect)

Product color

Light yellow and green and blue – based, other colors can be customized for Photoluminescent glow in the dark film.

Packaging and storage

  1. Packing method: carton packing.
  2. Size: 100cm in width.
  3. Storage: it shall be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse.

Photoluminescent Film makeup shine

KOL and live web stream on grand first Shanghai Photoluminescent Film tide lie prone, hundreds of people high over his first Shanghai Photoluminescent Film tide lie prone, hundreds of people high turn over all four distinct “small beast makeup”, boldly will have different personality on the makeup, they or independent self-confidence, or noble indifference, or mysterious charm, with the help of beauty makeup of magic, the release of urban women inner beast, completely show the other side of the wild, enchanting!

“Dare To Be EYECON — Max Buddha’s dazzling night party” was held at LUCE CLUB in Shanghai on July 22. As the first one-hundred-person fluorescent party in Shanghai, apart from the amazing release of “EYECON” makeup, Shanghai hipster can also experience the amazing “EYECON” makeup and luminescent Film makeup created by professional makeup stylist, so that color and Photoluminescent Film bloom in the eyes. Under the highest music brought by top DJS in Shanghai, party with all kinds of hipsters and release your true self! This time, Max factor has joined hands with tian hongyu, one of the most influential stylists In China, to bring the most eye makeup trend this summer. Tian hongyu is a celebrity stylist for ELLE, Harper’s bazaar, Vogue, COSMO, Marie Claire, deng chao and sun li. Inspired by classic EYECON such as luxury cheetah, noble bird dance, cool green snake and sexy fox, he cleverly combined beauty makeup charm with Photoluminescent Film elements to awaken urban women to release themselves and not fear the magic of beauty makeup.

4 distinct “small beast makeup”, bold ground will different individual character has change go up in makeup look, they or independent and self-confident, or high and cold, or mysterious and enchanting, with the help of the magic of beautiful makeup, release the beast of city female heart, show thoroughly wild, another side of enchanting!

The story of Photoluminescent Film cup

The Photoluminescent Film cup has a long history of more than 2,000 years. “China time-honored brand” jiuquan Photoluminescent Film cup is made of jade from qilian mountains, which is fine in texture, natural in texture and bright in color.

The picture shows the traditional Photoluminescent Film cup.

The legend of Photoluminescent Film cup is famous at home and abroad. In jiuquan, gansu province, under the qilian mountains, there is a “Chinese time-honored brand” Photoluminescent Film cup factory.

In the workshop, 57-year-old artist wei jianmin is polishing Photoluminescent Film cups. He has been working here for 40 years and has thick calluses on his hands. These rough hands are very handy when it comes to polishing a cup that is only 1mm thick.

‘conditions are better now,’ Mr. Wei said. But “some of the processes are still thousands of years old, so it still takes a week to make a glow-in-the-dark cup.” He picked up a “rag” made of a horse’s tail to clean a jade plate and told the paper, “only a cloth made of horse’s tail can be used to clean the waxed jade.”

“Making Photoluminescent Film cups is different from other jobs. You have to be slow and careful in the end.” Wei jianmin says, because the cup wall of finished product is less than 1 millimeter, do not pay attention to namely all previous work is abandoned slightly. Although the high-frequency motor is now used to save energy, but the cup wall produced is thinner, so it can not be distracted, “this is from the ancestors of generations of rules”. A cup from raw materials to finished products need at least more than 30 processes.

Wei says his biggest concern now is losing his craft. Today’s young people are reluctant to learn jade because it is so hard and dirty. Now he and master lu xuelian are the only old people in the factory. Master lu will retire after only one month, and he himself will soon retire. The entertainer said that if there were young people willing to pass on the ancient craft, he was willing to focus on passing it on.

Wei master and Photoluminescent Vinyl Film cup deal with all one’s life, he told the reporter, since ancient times, jade is a symbol of morality, people who deal with jade also have conduct. Do this line of bitter, treatment is not good, with his clever hands do other line of work income will be much higher, but because he grew up like Photoluminescent Film cup, a stem is a lifetime. Every summer, during the peak tourist season, many foreign tourists visit the factory and take photos with him excitedly. He said, the legendary Photoluminescent Film cup famous at home and abroad, bitter life is worth it, after retirement will continue to do Photoluminescent Film cup.

Application of Photoluminescent Film in oil spill operation

In order to promote the coordinated development of national defense construction by Photoluminescent Film, local economy, military struggle preparation and environmental protection, at the end of last year, six experts including professor zhang ke from ocean university of China reviewed and approved by the navy logistics department decided to set up the Photoluminescent Film project in a military port in sanya.

Oil boom is installed on the naval vessels stationed in the military port, including 4,880 meters of solid float-type rubber oil boom, and 7 sets of stripping equipment and oil spill recovery devices.

The solid float-type rubber oil enclosure adopts two layers of high-strength fiber cloth as the framework, and is covered with high-quality, easy-to-identify Photoluminescent Film Signs or color synthetic rubber. It is resistant to oil, abrasion, seawater corrosion and ultraviolet aging, with long service life and flame retardant characteristics.

Solid float, large buoyancy reserve, uniform force on the column, high overall strength, good vertical stability, strong oil retention. Smooth and clean surface, good for oil transfer and easy to clean. Connection rapid, reliable and drop quickly, easy to operate, apply to the surface of fixed long-term cloth, are widely used in the open ocean, the gulf, port, wharf, river waters, oil platform and other long cloth, Photoluminescent Film Signs can also be used in oil spill emergency operations, is used for sea or other water to control oil spill diffusion and transfer of the necessary important equipment.

Trends USED Photoluminescent film in cabin interiors

Nowadays, almost no part of an airplane cabin is free of aesthetic design elements and the most economical manufacturing process.

Take the sign system of cabin emergency passage as an example: the traditional cabin floor is always a wide yellow sign that is not compatible with the cabin design, or the use of electronic lights, which is not only not beautiful, but also requires high maintenance costs and a lot of energy. Photoluminescent Film are now commonly used in cabin exit sign systems because they can be seamlessly incorporated into wide-color carpets and require little or no care, allowing airlines to beautify their cabins while keeping costs down.

Britain’s STG aerospace offers more than 300 colours for its Photoluminescent emergency access marking system, and Lufthansa technologies offers a multi-colour “guidance system” that can last as long as an aircraft. In addition, the economy of these two
Photoluminescent emergency exit sign is an important reason for the popularity of these products, as they can work day in and day out by shining the logo directly under a common light source for only 10-30 minutes before the flight takes off.

“The trend used Photoluminescent film inside the cabin is now towards an aesthetic, which is to make the whole flight easier.” “Said Peter Stokes, chief executive of STG aerospace.