Why choose Photoluminescent films

Photoluminescent films are classified into inorganic glow in the dark vinyl roll films and organic Photoluminescent films.

Inorganic Photoluminescent film

Photoluminescent vinyl roll are represented by rare earth ion luminescence and rare earth fluorescence films, which have the advantages of strong absorption capacity and high conversion rate. Narrow band emission of Glow in the dark Self Adhesive Film is conducive to full color display, and their physical and chemical properties are stable. Because rare earth ions have abundant energy levels and 4f electronic transition characteristics, rare earth has become a treasure house of luminescence, providing luminescent films with superior performance for high-tech fields, especially for the field of Luminescent Self Adhesive Film information and communication. Common inorganic photoluminescent vinyl film take sulfide of alkaline earth metal (such as ZnS, CaS) aluminate (SrAl2O4, CaAl2O4, BaAl2O4) as luminescent matrix, and lanthanide elements (Eu), samarium (Sm), erbium (Er), neodymium (Nd) as activators and co-activators.

Traditional preparation methods of inorganic phosphor is the high temperature solid phase method, but with the quick update of the new technology, the improvement of luminescent film performance index to overcome the classic synthesis methods of inherent defects, some new method arises at the historic moment, such as the burning method, sol – gel method [, hydrothermal precipitation method, microwave method, etc. In the field of the photoluminescent self adhesive vinyl, organic films are increasingly brought to the attention of the people. Because there are many types of organic compounds, adjustable, rich colors, high color purity, molecular design is relatively flexible. According to the different molecular structure, organic light-emitting films can be divided into: These Photoluminescent film have their own characteristics in luminescence mechanism, physical and chemical properties and applications.

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